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I love chickens! And I love chocolate! And chickens love chocolate! And for a Friday that sounds like some perfect Utopian combination I just had to blog about....

Backyard chickens are great fun.  They are amusing to watch, develop distinct personalities, are fairly cheap to feed, and most importantly, give you EGGS to eat!  Cosmic Ray is all about those pets that give something in return for all that feed he buys....Just for fun, give your chickens half of a watermelon you've eaten most of the center from.  Come back a little bit later and you'll have a perfectly cleaned out watermelon 'bowl'...right down to the rind.  Almost made me want to serve something out of it, but I didn't.

I love trying to photograph them.  Trying to get a chicken to be still is like trying to ________________ well, you fill in the blank with your version.  It's much easier to photograph these:
They don't move around as much.   And they are a wonderful gift from some fluffy hens who live in my yard.  There's lots of websites and articles on keeping backyard chickens - and just as many ideas on the best way to keep them.   The biggest issue I've had with keeping chickens is keeping the neighbors dogs from eating them....a string of electric wire around the bottom of your pen might just be the ticket!

He's slightly easier to photograph....Simba, warrior Kitty, keeper of the chickens.

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11/15/2013 10:23am

I love Chocolate Chickens too! Oh wait - that was chocolate AND Chickens... I love that too.


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