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I love pickles!  My dad has been making garlic dills for as long as I've been alive, and they are still my favorites.  He made a simple counter-top recipe ...I remember him boiling the vinegar/water/salt brine on our stove and pouring it into big jars he had layered with  dill, small whole Kirby Cukes, and cloves of garlic. He let them stand on the counter a few days, then put them in the fridge. I don't remember how long they last in the fridge, because I  ate them all before they had a chance to spoil....when I go back to Pennsylvania for a visit in late summer, I still enjoy eating his pickles.  I've made them at home, but somehow they just don't taste the same. He adds some sort of magic I don't seem to capture in mine.

Cosmic Ray and I enjoy making Lime pickles - pictured here.  We soak cucumber slices in a water and lime mixture overnight, then rinse well and soak in cold water for a few hours.  We then mix vinegar, sugar, salt and pickling spices in a large pot, bring it to a boil, put in the cucumber slices and boil for 35 or 40 minutes. Pack those babies into jars, pour the hot syrup over the top and seal.  If you really want to try these, there's a good recipe right on the back of the Pickling Lime container. 

I used to think pickles were only made from cucumbers - I was wrong!  Pickled okra is wonderful!  So are pickled peppers (even if you're not Peter Piper...)  pickled beets, pickled eggs...the list goes on and on.   My friend, Elizabeth Andress, Ph.D, from the University of Georgia wrote a great book So Easy to Preserve. It is the canners/freezers dream cookbook with all sorts of recipes and safety tips for preserving food.  Go forth and pickle!


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