Frolicking Food Scientist and Fiber Fanatic
I love spinning wool into yarn!  And I love demonstrating how to spin wool into yarn!  One of my favorite places to do this is right in my hometown - the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village.  You just might find me there on Saturdays in the fall spinning or dying wool or cotton with natural dyes. 

You'd be surprised to know ( and maybe you're one of them....) how many people think I'm using a 'sewing machine' or a 'loom' to spin wool into yarn.  My apparatus has a very complicated name - it's referred to as a 'spinning wheel'.  And all my wheel does is add 'twist' to the wool fibers I've 'drafted' into a thinner yarn as it enters my wheel.  Once I get a bobbin full of 'singles', I ply 'singles' into 'doubles'(2-ply yarn) in the opposite direction I spun the singles. This makes the fiber stronger, just like rope, with many lengths of fibers twisted together.

Tada!!  Here's some finished yarn!  Trying to decide if I want to knit a hat or fingerless gloves...


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