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That's what Cosmic Ray says when people ask me why I knit socks.  "What - Wal-mart isn't selling socks anymore?!!?" He calmly replies, "NO".  Sometimes people look like they actually believe that beautiful bald-headed guy I married.  

To me, knitting Scarves gets boring. Socks keep me engaged....just when I get bored knitting the cuff, it's time to start the leg pattern. When that gets boring, it's about time to start the heel.  Once the heel is finished, you start on the foot and before you know it, you're closing the toe.  Then comes the tricky part - you have to do it all again.  I don't have any one-legged family members or friends, so that's when you have to pick up the needles and start the second one.  Don't ask me how many sets of "ONE" knitted socks I have finished....I frequently become a victim of the rare and dreaded SSS -"Second Sock Syndrome". 
The socks pictured above are Monkey Socks by Cookie A.  Probably my favorite sock pattern ever.  I've knitted them multiple times in multiple colors.  Sock to the left was a complicated pattern  -I lost a few Sunday School lessons
while I was knitting it.

Top 5 Reasons why I knit socks:
1. Who needs a sweater in South GA - it's barely ever cold enough here to wear a hand-knitted wool sweater, but we have  frequently have days where socks are necessary.
2. Socks are portable - I can knit in waiting rooms; in the car (not while driving, though);  in the airport  and while visiting my children and relatives in far off states
3. Great conversation starters - "what are you Crocheting?" "I'm KNITTING a sock."
4. Lots of different sock yarns out there - I now have enough sock yarn to continually knit socks until I die.  But there's always another color or brand to try.....

5. And last but not least -  Socks are a challenge but  FUN to knit! 

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12/02/2013 9:59am

Socks intimidate the hell out of me. Somehow I must get over that.

Carol Griffin
12/07/2013 9:41pm

I absolutely love that pattern.
You are amazing !!


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