Frolicking Food Scientist and Fiber Fanatic
How did that whole underwater basketweaving thing start anyway?  I'm pretty sure I could have taken basket-weaving in the art department at Penn State, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I would do this underwater.....Someday I'll Google that and find out. But for now I got your attention, and you're looking at my latest creation - a wool-drying basket.  Last weekend, while freezing at SAFF with my fiber friends, I wove my first basket with legs.  I've woven many baskets before - the one pictured below is one of my favorites.  But I never added legs.  There's something about legs that makes everything better....I know I'm very thankful for mine.  I'm thankful my table and desk have legs, too, because I don't get up off the floor that easily anymore....
Sometimes people ask me if I sell my baskets, and someday I might.  Right now I'm happy just weaving them and using them myself.  And I think Larry, my boss, is happy (most days, anyway...) that I don't give up my ag research job to become a full-time basket weaver.   I shall remain, for now, "outstanding in my field...."


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